The Worldwide Independent Network of Market Research (WIN) is the leading global network of polling and research agencies. ORB is the sole UK member of the WIN network. With a WIN membership, ORB is able to access the world’s leading research experts and conduct high quality fieldwork across every continent.

The WIN World Survey is the network’s annual international survey. In 2022, the WIN World Survey explored the opinions of 29,739 citizens from 36 countries across the globe on the financial situation and how people are dealing with the increasing cost of living.

Financial situation

As a result of the current economic situation and inflation levels, only 25% of citizens worldwide report living comfortably. Those aged 35 to 44 are among the most affected, likely due to the costs associated in supporting a family. On a country level, Argentina (76%), Lebanon (69%) and Chile (65%) are among the countries with the highest percentage of the population experiencing financial difficulties.

The cost of living

Many people around the world have been forced to reduce expenses due to the rising cost of living. In fact, 48% of those surveyed have already reduced some expenses in previous months, with the 45-54 age group being the most affected (51%). Only 19% of the respondents do not plan to make any changes in their monthly budget, slightly higher among people over 65 years (24%).

There is no evidence of significant differences by employment status: equal proportions of full-time employees and unemployed have already reduced their expenditure or plan to do so (77% and 79%, respectively). However, there are significant differences between countries: for example, people in both Greece and Ireland 70% have already cut their spending, while only 19% of citizens in Japan have done so.

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