ORB International works with governments, NGOs, and private companies around the world to conduct research, formative assessments, evaluations, targeted analysis and provides monitoring and performance support for numerous large-scale and multi-sectoral initiatives.

We manage social and political research at all stages, including design, drawing representative samples, and developing research and monitoring tools for sensitive or complex contexts.

We understand that data is only as good as the sample on which it’s based and the team conducting the fieldwork

Local Teams. Local Knowledge.

We maintain a strong commitment to capacity building and learning with local partner teams before, during and after projects. Our staff personally conduct in-country training sessions on every project, ensuring that our field teams receive rigorous instruction in research methodology and practice. We only work with experienced interviewers, all of whom are individually assessed during training. Any candidates that fail to reach the appropriate standard are not included on the project.

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Industry Leading Quality Control

ORB International also employs industry-leading quality control measures to ensure that we deliver honest data to our clients. Combining the most up-to-date technology, real-time data monitoring, and proprietary software, we are able to eliminate fraud and poor-quality interviewing from our projects. We analyze GPS locations, interview lengths and recordings of interviews to closely monitor interview quality in even the remotest of locations. This ensures our ability to address issues in the field and deliver timely, high-quality data serving as the basis for rigorous analytics. Validated data leads to more accurate reflections of programming and environmental realities, allowing our clients to conserve resources, pause and reflect on programming challenges and successes, and provide evidence for scalability.

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