ORB is pleased to announce its recently awarded project from the Tony Elumelu Foundation (TEF) to support its monitoring, evaluation and learning. ORB will track the progress of TEF’s Entrepreneurship Program through Third Party Monitoring (TPM) and support learning and adaptation initiatives through impact assessments.

TEF is a nonprofit foundation that supports entrepreneurship across Africa.  Through various partnerships and programs, TEF champions the empowerment of individual entrepreneurs and acts as a catalyst for economic growth and job creation across the Continent. The TEF Entrepreneurship Program provides support for emerging entrepreneurs through mentorship, digital networking, in-person meet-ups, and the provision of seed capital.

Supporting entrepreneurship across Africa ensures the growth of the private sector, which is crucial for development and can create both economic and social wealth. According to the Duke Sanford Center for International Development, entrepreneurs accelerate economic development by creating new job opportunities as they develop new products and services. Entrepreneurship also promotes societal innovation, encourages positive social change, and encourages the effective utilization of existing resources.

ORB International’s services will provide verification support to TEF’s program data and support adaptations to program design, as well as help TEF better understand its impact across Africa. ORB deeply appreciates the opportunity to support the work done by the Tony Elumelu Foundation and its partners, including the European Union and Google.