The Opinion Research Business (ORB) International
is proud to announce the establishment of new field offices in The Democratic Republic of the Congo. This marks ORB’s first footprint in central Africa. The region has endured significant challenges in recent years, including severe weather events, food insecurity, displacement, and armed conflict.

In partnership with MSI and Positive Insights, ORB’s new offices in Kinshasa and Goma will provide on-the-ground support for USAID projects in the region by collecting third party independent monitoring data on ongoing activities in the three-country region (Congo, Central African Republic, and the DRC), focusing on livelihoods, food security, and humanitarian assistance and emergencies.

About ORB
ORB International operates in 114 countries around the world providing monitoring and evaluation, nationally representative surveys, rapid assessments and specialized research in complex environments. Utilizing a data-centric and quality-first model, our primary focus is mixed-methods social and political research including the topics of counter-violent-extremism, governance, and working with vulnerable populations. We provide services to clients across the USG and multi-donor communities, including USAID, DOS, and DOD on over 200+ studies and evaluations.