New September Brexit Confidence Poll: 60% of British public disapprove of the government’s handling of negotiations

The British public remain pessimistic about the handling and potential outcomes of the negotiations. However, the majority believe that Britain will secure greater control over it’s borders post-Brexit.

Will Theresa May get the right deal for Britain?

Nearly a third (32%) agree that the Prime Minister will get the right deal for Britain in the negotiations, but 45% disagree with this statement and believe that Theresa May will not be able to get the right deal.

Do people approve of the way negotiations are being handled?

No. 60% said they disapprove of the way in which the government is handling Brexit negotiations. There is little change on this issue from last month (61%). Approval of the negotiations is highest among those aged 65+ (52%), and lowest among 18-24 year olds, 29%.

Will Britain be better off after Brexit?

Respondents are split on this issue, 41% agree that the Britain will be better off, 39% disagree, and one in five (20%) said they just don’t know.

Interestingly, men are more positive about Britain’s situation post-Brexit. 44% of men think the country will be in a better economic situation, compared to only 38% of women. Young people are the most pessimistic on this topic – only 25% agree that Britain will be better off.

Will Britain have more control of immigration post Brexit?

Yes, respondents think that Britain will have more control of immigration after Brexit. 65% agree with this statement, 22% disagree, while 14% said they don’t know.

Again, men are more positive about this statement. 68% think Britain will have more control over immigration post-Brexit, compared to only 62% of women.

Is having greater control of immigration more important than free trade?

Respondents are split equally on this issue. 43% agree that immigration is more important than free trade, and 43% disagree.

Trend charts Brexit Confidence SEPT 2017
Brexit Confidence September 2017

During 1st -3rd September 2017, ORB International conducted an online poll of 2079 people on their opinions of the government’s handling of the Brexit negotiations.