ORB International has conducted extensive research in Syria since 2012 with regular access to all 14 governorates. Our work has covered a wide range of sensitive topics including countering violent extremism (CVE), aid monitoring and evaluation, governance, and measuring the impacts of and perceptions surrounding COVID-19.  

To date, ORB has conducted 177,300 interviews, 334 focus groups, and more than 65 in-depth interviews within several monitoring and evaluation projects. We have become a leading research organization in the region by focusing on innovation in research methods and techniques, capacity building with local partners to gain valuable local and contextualized knowledge, and an unwavering commitment to high quality data.   

Our teams have the capability to use CAPI tablets in all areas and manage quality control from Charlottesville, Virginia, and London, England. We have extensively tested communications products (video, audio, and print) from concept to execution. Our experience covers areas currently or formerly controlled by all fighting groups in Syria, including the Assad regime, ISIS, and Syrian Opposition.
In the Media 
ORB’s work in Syria has been covered by leading news organizations such as the Washington Post and BBC News as well as international organizations like UNICEF.

From the Washington Post: “A recent survey of 1,365 Syrians from all 14 governorates of the country found some surprising  attitudes. Consider this: A fifth of those interviewed said the Islamic State — the brutal Islamist group known for its beheadings, that rules over large swaths of Syria and Iraq — is a positive influence on the country. And 82 percent said that they believe the Islamic State was created by the United States and its allies.”

From BBC News: “As Mr Heald said, the survey suggests that ‘the majority in both countries are opposed to IS but that they also think that IS is a product of foreign countries… which to you and I may seem like some crazy conspiracy theory but to them it is a common perception.'”

From UNICEF: “Covering 3,500 Syrians, the survey aims to give voice to Syrian families highlighting the impact of war and conflict and help to shape how to best respond to the needs that families identified moving forward.”

About ORB  
ORB International is a small business operating in 116 countries around the world providing monitoring and evaluation, nationally representative surveys, rapid assessments and specialized research in complex environments. Utilizing a data-centric and quality-first model, our primary focus is mixed-methods social and political research including the topics of counter-violent-extremism, governance, and working with vulnerable populations.