At ORB our Global Health Team’s projects provide a deeper understanding of women’s diverse experiences concerning their health. Part of the International Women’s Day 2023 campaign to #EmbraceEquity focuses on empowering women to make informed decisions about their health.

Below are just some examples from our recent work:

  • Our survey work across seven African countries, including Democratic Republic of Congo, Nigeria and Senegal found that 41% of women under 35 do not have the final say about whether they receive a COVID-19 vaccine, compared to only 12% of men over 35.

  • Recent research we conducted among healthcare professionals across the EU27 showed they are less likely to recommend seasonal influenza and COVID-19 vaccines to pregnant women than other patients (EU27) –  Vaccination: Confidence returns to pre-pandemic levels (
  • Our recent survey of UK adults found that women are less comfortable with new health technologies than men. On topics such as AI diagnosis and genetically personalised medicine, women were significantly more likely to be concerned about or feel that they do not know enough about these emerging technologies.

Looking ahead, using equity-based solutions…

In 2023 ORB will be leading focus group discussions and interviews in Nigeria and Kenya to explore the gender norms that influence attitudes towards sexual and reproductive health and how these behaviours impact the experiences of young women.

This work will inform the development of communications strategies that seek to provide equity-based solutions through challenging gender norms to improve women’s sexual and reproductive health.

For more information on the work of our Global Health team please contact:

Katie Banks