What do 22,000 people across 24 countries around the world think about President Trumps decision to consider Jerusalem the capital of Israel? And perhaps more importantly, what impact if any might this have on global terrorism? Our exclusive poll released today , in conjunction with Gallup International, reveals all.

There is global disapproval of President trump’s decision to recognise Jerusalem as the capital of Israel: more than two in three (71%) disagree with the proposal (and 59% strongly). In the Arab world alone, the disagreement stands at 94%. Traditional allies in Jordan (97%), South Korea (46%), and the UK (45%) all disagree with the proposal.

Worryingly, a majority (52%) say that it gives the Palestinians justification to use violence to achieve their own state. In an already volatile Arab world, this figure rises to 77%.

More than two in three (70%) of those polled around the world think the decision will result in an increase in terrorism in the Islamic world. The number increases significantly in Yemen (87%), Syria (82%), and Iraq (76%) – the same countries currently fighting violent extremist organisations at home.

The appetite for peace, and belief that it is achievable, between Palestinians and Israelis has always been brittle as best. However, the poll suggests Trump’s decision has made it a lot harder to achieve now.

Find the topline report here. See the 2017 Gallup International and WIN ‘Perceptions of Global Leaders’ poll here.

Sample Size and Mode of Field Work:

A total of 22,105 persons were interviewed from 24 countries around the world. In each country a representative sample of between 100 – 2109 men and women was interviewed either face to face (9 countries; n=8,187), via telephone (11 countries; n=8,805) or online (4 countries; n=5,113). The field work was conducted between 10 December 2017 – 8th January 2018. The margin of error for the survey is between +2-10% at 95% confidence level.

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