Global Reach

ORB International has experience conducting research of a socio-political nature all over the world.

Much of our work is highly sensitive, and client confidentiality is of the utmost importance. In the past, we’ve worked for national governments, multi-national governmental organisations, NGOs, media companies, and campaign strategists.

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Reliability & Objectivity

Our industry leading custom designed Quality Control (QC) platform allows us to complete a tripart process utilizing audio, GPS, and machine-coded flags, enabling us to identify in real time fraudulent, incomplete and invalid data. This ensures our ability to address issues in the field and deliver timely, high-quality data serving as the basis for rigorous analytics. Validated data leads to more accurate reflections of programming and environmental realities, allowing our clients to conserve resources, pause and reflect on programming challenges and successes, and provide evidence for scalability.


Depth & Detail

Qualitative research, including focus groups, ethnography, atmospherics, and in-depth interviews.

   Our core competencies


Countering Violent Extremism (CVE)

Humanitarian Assistance

Communities in Conflict


Public Health, WASH, and Vaccine Confidence


Agriculture / GMO research

Local Research Capacity Building


Knowledge & Experience

Our work centers around the intersection of complexity and data.

We focus on three spheres:


Monitoring and Evaluation

We provide Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) services to clients by utilizing unique data collection and analysis techniques, combining innovative methodologies with tailored approaches, and country/sector expertise. All our data is thoroughly quality checked and validated.

Our strength lies in our network of academic and research professionals who provide expert opinion, and test cutting-edge tools in the field. To date, we have worked in dozens of countries across a wide range of subjects, including peace and security, health and education, and water and sanitation (WASH).


We have a special interest and skill in conducting evaluations in difficult environments, including conflict zones and during humanitarian crises.

We maintain a strong commitment to capacity building and learning with local partner teams before, during and after projects. We invest in extensive training and collaborative project management to enhance the skills of our local partners.


In doing so, we provide clients evidence of our iterative learning processes, dedicated support on the ground, and the ability to contribute in meaningful ways to field partnerships.

Our M&E services range from project inception and design, to endline evaluations. Our pioneering methods provide additional opportunities to develop further analytical tools for the lifecycle of the project and beyond.


Our staff are especially well-versed in ever-developing M&E techniques, and we maintain active academic and policy community engagement initiatives to stay abreast of current best practice.

Campaign Development

We start by providing our clients with a detailed and insightful landscape of the target audience. Quantitative target audience analysis (TAA) demonstrates attitudes, behaviours and beliefs, while qualitative methods such as focus groups and interviews add depth to quantitative findings.

Defining a specific target audience, rather than large generalised groups, is crucial. Our approach allows messaging to be directly tailored for the audience through the most appropriate media channels.

Once a key audience is identified, campaign communications are designed specifically for them. We work with our clients to ensure that messages are tested throughout the process, from developing the narrative through to creation of the final product.

During this process, we use focus groups to test message traction, cut through and attribution with the selected target audience. Our teams provide actionable feedback throughout development, keeping target audience insight central to each stage of the process

While the TAA provides an overall media strategy, this can be optimised to provide a targeted approach that will reach the largest possible number of our audience through the right channels, at the right time.

We combine media polling with social media analytics to complement our initial TAA insights, and add further weight and reach to the media plan.

Clear and effective evaluation is key to a successful campaign. We provide our clients with accurate measurement of performance (MOP) and measure of effect (MOE) using both quantitative and qualitative methods.

Our research is always based on the strategic objectives drawn up at the start of the campaign, enabling us to demonstrate the explicit effect any messaging has had. Changes are tracked over time, enabling our clients to make effective decisions and react to a changing environment if necessary.