ORB International has conducted an independent poll among a sample of 1000 licensed private hire drivers across the UK who currently use the Uber app, exploring their attitudes towards Uber and more generally towards why they drive with Uber. The poll was conducted over the telephone between 30thSeptember and October 6th 2016 and is representative of drivers who use the Uber app, throughout the cities in England, Scotland and Wales in which Uber operates.

The survey reveals:

  • Almost nine in ten (89%) drivers are “very/somewhat satisfied” driving with Uber while 87% would “recommend driving with Uber to others”. Slightly more (92%) state that Uber is a “good company to work with” and just 16% would prefer to be working with another taxi or minicab company.
  • By a margin of almost five to one (76% to 16%) drivers say that being self-employed and being able to choose their own hours is preferable to having things like holiday pay which come with being employed. The survey also reveals 94% say they “joined Uber because I wanted to be my own boss and choose my own hours”, with just 6% saying they “joined Uber because I couldn’t find other work”.
  • One in two (51%) drivers say that since using the app their income has increased with just 13% saying it has decreased. Slightly more (56%) say their ability to “balance work with life” has improved since driving with Uber, with only 9% saying it has worsened.
  • Prior to signing up with Uber, 35% of drivers worked at a taxi or minicab company, 36% were employed full-time in a different sector, 16% were self-employed, 7% worked part-time in a different sector and 3% were unemployed.
  • Just one in five (21%) drive a set amount of hours, with a third (34%) deciding how many hours to drive depending on what else they have going on and 32% setting a goal for the total amount they want to earn in a given day, week or month. One in ten (12%) drivers using the app drive on the spur of the moment.

Johnny Heald, Managing Director of ORB International,

“This is the first poll we have conducted among a large national sample of private hire drivers currently using the Uber app. It is clear that drivers are using the app in many ways to fit around their own schedules. The one thing that is consistent throughout the findings is that people who drive with Uber really value the freedom and flexibility of being their own boss. Being able to choose your own hours and decide when and where you drive is the overwhelming reason why people sign up to Uber in the first place.”

Methodology and About ORB

Sample Size and Mode of Field Work:

ORB interviewed a representative sample of 1000 private hire drivers throughout England, Scotland and Wales between 30th September – 6th October via telephone. Respondents were all currently driving with the Uber app. The final data has been weighted to ensure it is representative of the total distribution of drivers who use the Uber app across England, Scotland and Wales. The statistical margin of error at the 95% confidence level is +3.1%.

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