Our latest poll carried out online among a nationally representative sample of UK adults 16th-17th January 2019 on behalf of the Sunday Telegraph reveals

  • When presented with a series of possible Brexit outcomes, fewer than one in ten (7%) Britons wanted the Prime Minister’s deal that was presented to Parliament and was overwhelmingly rejected by MPs on Tuesday night.   The preferred outcome right now is another referendum (36%) or to leave with no deal (24%).  Leaving with no deal is twice as popular among the elderly as it is the young.
  • Those who voted to leave at the referendum in 2016 are significantly more likely to prefer the no deal (46%) option that any other.   Remainers prefer a second referendum (63%) in the hope the result will change.
  • Overall 21% support the UK Government’s deal, 54% oppose it.
  • If the UK were to have another referendum, our survey reveals that in a chaotic week for British politics, remain currently has a slight lead over leave (48% – 42% in this survey, or 53% – 47% among those expressing a vote).  Those who did not vote in 2016 are 2-1 likely to vote remain next time should they decide to turn out.

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N=2,083 interviews conducted among a representative sample of the GB adult population January 16th-17th 2019. The statistical margin of error at the 95% confidence level is + 2.2%.