ORB International has conducted a new independent poll among a sample of 10,000 people in 10 European cities, exploring their attitudes towards car ownership, public transport, and app-based mobility services in their cities.


The poll was conducted online between 4th-16th August 2017 with respondents aged 18-54. 1,000 respondents took part from each of the following cities: London, Paris, Amsterdam, Brussels, Rome, Berlin, Warsaw, Stockholm, Barcelona and Lisbon.


The survey reveals…

Car ownership

  • Car ownership across the 10 European cities is high – 63% of city dwellers still own their own car, and a further 4% lease a company car. Rome has the highest level of car ownership – 86%, and Stockholm the lowest, 51%
    • 42% of car owners say there are two or more cars in their household.


Current problems

  • Pollution is a major concern for Europe’s city dwellers. More than four in five (83%) said they were worried about pollution in their city.
    • Nearly all residents polled in both Lisbon and Rome (93% and 94% respectively) agreed that they were worried about pollution.
  • Overall, 84% said they would like to see fewer cars on the road in their city. Rome residents are the most concerned about the number of the cars on the road, 94% said they would like to see fewer cars.


App based car-services

  • A quarter of Europeans across the ten cities surveyed (26%) have used an app-based service to book a car with a driver in the past year.
  • Over two-thirds (67%) think mobility apps such as Uber could be an alternative to owning a car. This number is higher among people who have used app-based services to book a car with a driver in the past 12 months (80%).
  • Of the households that own two or more cars, 63% would consider owning only one car if they could more easily get around with a combination of car apps and reliable public transport.


Johnny Heald, Managing Director of ORB International said


“Owning two or more cars is an expensive business in Europe’s cities. Almost 2 in 3 would consider getting rid of a car for a combination public transport and app-based car services. Our survey reveals that many are using app-based rides because they are often faster, safer, and more flexible than public transport.”

Sample Size and Mode of Fieldwork


ORB International interviewed a sample of 1000 respondents from each of the following 10 cities: London, Paris, Rome, Brussels, Lisbon, Warsaw, Barcelona, Stockholm, Amsterdam and Berlin between 4th – 16th August. (n=10,000) The margin of error for each city is +/- 3.1 at the 95% confidence level, other than Stockholm whether the margin of error is +/- 2.8 at the 95% confidence level.



Download the full tables here.

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