A new ORB poll, published on the 9th October in The Daily Telegraph, found the following:

  • Despite her widely reported troubles last week, the public are perhaps still prepared to offer Theresa May the chance to lead. Our survey reveals that 46% say she is “not fit to lead” but 43% disagree with the statement. Bearing in mind Conservative support is around the 40% mark right now based on polls published at the weekend, these findings should offer a crumb of comfort to the PM.
  • Indeed 57% agree that she should stay at least until the Brexit negotiations are complete suggesting that we have little appetite for yet more political upheaval. Just one in five (19%) argue that Boris Johnson would make a better PM than Theresa May.
  • However her choice of words to describe her leadership on Friday were questioned by a majority – just 38% say agree that she is currently providing calm leadership with 53% disagreeing.  

Johnny Heald, Managing Director of ORB, said:

“Ironically last week may have actually won the PM some more support. Between pranksters, leadership challenges, set failures and a nasty cough it seems that the public have rallied somewhat to her defense. A majority (57%) want her to stay until Brexit negotiations are complete. Bearing in mind 40% of the electorate currently say they’d vote Conservative if there was an election tomorrow, it seems we want her to see the job through.”


Download the tables here.


ORB interviewed a representative sample of 2,021 UK adults online between 6th-8th October 2017.