This week:

Con 46% (-)
Labour 34% (+2)
Lib Dem 7% (-1)
UKIP 7% (-)

Changes this week

Following Labour’s manifesto launch on Tuesday 16th, there has been a slight increase in Labour support shown in this week’s ORB poll. 34% now say they will vote for Jeremy Corbyn, up from 32% last week.
There is an increase in the number of 2015 Labour voters who now say they will vote Labour again. (78% last week, 82% this week).

Remain voters

In ORB’s voting intention poll four weeks ago, only 26% of Remain respondents said they would vote for Theresa May, and this has slowly increased to 30% this week.
There has also been a fall in Remain supporters voting for the Lib Dems – support has fallen from 19% of Remain voters at the end of April (26th – 27th) to 12% this week.

Leave voters

Leave voting intentions have remained fairly stable – hovering around the 60% mark for Conservatives for the past three weeks, and 20% for Labour.

Data tables for the ORB/Telegraph voting intention poll are available here. Tracker tables for the previous four weeks are also available.

Coverage in The Telegraph can be found here. Data tables for additional questions are also available.