ORB conducted a survey amongst a nationally representative sample of 2087 adults between 19-20 December. Fieldwork was carried out online. The headlines are as follows:

  • A majority (58%) feel that rural communities would be WORSE off under Jeremy Corbyn. There is a strong relationship with age – the older we are the more likely we are to agree with the statement.
  • Of those who currently live in a rural community this increases to 65% (and 79% among those in a hamlet or isolated dwelling – although note here a very small base size of n=54).
  • Fewer than one in three (31%) feel that a Jeremy Corbyn-led Labour Government would be more sympathetic to rural constituencies that the current Conservative Government. 35% feel there would be no difference while 34% say they would be less sympathetic.
  • But again here, those of us who live in rural areas feel slightly differently with only 27% thinking they would be better off under a Jeremy Corbyn-led Labour Government.

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