Brexit Confidence Poll: only 36% approve of the Government’s handling of Brexit negations

Ahead of this week’s Conservative party conference, ORB International asked 2087 people how they feel the Brexit negotiations are going, and whether the Conservative leader Theresa May will get the right deal for Britain.

The results of the poll show that only 36% of the British public approve of the way in which the Government is handling the Brexit negotiations. Furthermore, only 31% think Theresa May will get the right deal for Britain.

Results from the poll below, tables available for download here – October Brexit Confidence ORB

Will Britain be better off after Brexit?

Just over one in five (21%) say they do not know whether Britain will be economically better off post-Brexit. 43% are positive about the situation, and agree that Britain will be better off once the UK leaves the European Union.

Similarly to previous ORB polls on this topic, men are more positive about Britain’s situation post-Brexit. 47% of men think the country will be in a better economic situation, compared to only 40% of women. Older people (+65) are the most optimistic about the situation, 60% think the country will be better off post-Brexit.

Will Britain have more control of immigration post Brexit?

Respondents remain confident that Britain will have greater control over immigration post Brexit, 64% (-1) agree with this statement, 21% (-1) disagree, and 15% (+1) say they don’t know.

Is having greater control of immigration more important than free trade?

This month’s poll shows an increase in the percentage of people who believe having a greater control over immigration is more important than having access to free trade – 46% (+3) agree with this statement, and 38% disagree (-5)

Will Theresa May get the right deal for Britain?

Only 31% (-1) think the Prime Minister will get the right deal for Britain in the Brexit negotiations, 48% (+3) disagree that she will get the right deal, and 21% said they do not know.

Do people approve of the way negotiations are being handled?

This month shows a fall in approval for the way in which the Government is handling the Brexit negotiations – 36% approve, down from 40% at the beginning of September.

During 30th September -1st October 2017, ORB International conducted an online poll of 2087 people on their opinions of the government’s handling of the Brexit negotiations. The statistical margin of error at the 95% confidence level is +2.2%