Public opinion has softened this month. Approval of the Brexit negotiations has taken a significant turn for the better – up 7 points to 31% approval this month. Likewise, confidence that the PM will get the right deal has gone up 7 points this month to 29%.

Celebrations should remain muted, however: over two thirds (69%) of those asked still disapprove of the government’s handling, and over half (53%) do not believe the PM will get the right deal.

Elsewhere there are signs that the public is once again split over which issue, between free trade or immigration, is more important (41% choose immigration vs 43% who choose free trade). Belief that we will have more control over immigration post-Brexit continues its upward trend since August – up 5 points to 64%.

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N=2,053 interviews conducted among a representative sample of the UK adult population October 5th to 7th 2018. Questions have been asked over the first weekend of each month since November 2016. The statistical margin of error at the 95% confidence level is + 2.2%.