Brexit Confidence Poll: only 34% approve of the Government’s handling of Brexit negations

There is no sign that the Prime Minister is beginning to turn things around when it comes to Brexit. Indeed approval of the way in which the negotiations are being handled is now the lowest it has ever been: two in three respondents (66%) disapprove. 

Confidence that the PM will get the right deal has also fallen through the floor, down from the 47% given at the time Parliament introduced the notification to withdrawal. Just one in four (26%) feel she will get the right deal, with 47% disagreeing; the remainder simply don’t know.


However, perhaps the biggest concern is the perceived economic outlook for the UK. For the first time since we started tracking this question one year ago, more people (40%) think we will be economically worse off than better off (37%) post-Brexit.

Overall these poll findings provide little encouragement for a Prime Minister facing multiple battles.

Download the full tables here, and the charts here.

Between 3rd-5th November 2017, ORB International conducted an online poll of 2044 people on their opinions of the government’s handling of the Brexit negotiations. The statistical margin of error at the 95% confidence level is +2.2%.