With less than twelve months to go, this month’s BREXIT tracker shows a decline in confidence for the second month in a row. Just over one in three (36%) approve of the way in which the Government is handling the BREXIT negotiations. Almost two in three (64%) disapprove. It is the youngest age group (18-24) who remain most disapproving (72%)


There still exists a lot of uncertainty that the Prime Minister will get the right deal. Almost one in two (49%) say she will not, just 32% agreeing that she will with 19% still to make their mind up.   The trend indicates that we are significantly less confident in the PM’s ability to get the right deal than we when the tracking started in November 2016.


Whether we will be economically better off again evenly divides us but of concern to those in the No.10 will be the decline, from 46% last month to 41% this month, in those feeling we will be better off. 

Download the full tables here, and the charts here.


N=2,024 interviews conducted among a representative sample of the UK adult population June 1st to 3rd 2018. Questions have been asked over the first weekend of each month since November 2016. The statistical margin of error at the 95% confidence level is + 2.2%.