Approval of Brexit negotiations and confidence in the PM hit new lows.

In the aftermath of the Chequers meeting, and the resignation of Boris Johnson and David Davis, approval of the way the PM is handling the Brexit negotiations continues to fall for the fourth month in a row. Now less than a quarter of those asked approve (24%).

Likewise, confidence in the PM over Brexit has fallen to a new record low. Only 22% of those asked agree that May will get the right deal for Britain.

Meanwhile, the apparent shift towards favouring free trade over immigration control continues this month. 37% of those asked agreed that immigration is more important than access to free trade, down 9% since April.

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N=2,028 interviews conducted among a representative sample of the UK adult population August 3rd to August 5th 2018. Questions have been asked over the first weekend of each month since November 2016. The statistical margin of error at the 95% confidence level is + 2.2%.