ORB has carried out a poll between 18-20 March among a nationally representative sample of 2,094 adults throughout the UK.  It shows:-


  1. There is a very high level of fear.  More than three in four (78%) are afraid that either themselves or a family member may actually catch the virus
  2. 82% also feel that the worst is still to come
  3. Almost nine in ten are washing their hands more, 71% undertaking less social interaction with 55% using hand sanitiser
  4. Three in four (77%) would be willing to be vaccinated; just 7% refusing with the remaining 16% unsure (no doubt waiting for the detail)
  5. Given the announcement about closures there appears to be support – 72% are willing to sacrifice some of their human rights to beat this. 
  6. One in four (26%) believe the threat however is exaggerated.
  7. In terms of how we rate the Government’s performance 49% feel they are performing well, 37% saying otherwise.


Fieldwork was carried out online amongst a nationally representative sample of adults aged 18+.

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