ORB Vaccine Confidence Project Grant Award

Vaccine Confidence Tracker: UK

Reflections on last week’s Syrian “election”

Meet Yuliya Dudaronak, Associate Director at ORB International

ORB International Uses Innovative Sampling to Improve Research Design

ORB’s Cutting Edge Research Methods Foster Deep Understanding of Violent Extremism in the Sahel

Raqqa-Hasakah Poll – October 2019

Syrians across Raqqa and Hasakah show widespread support for Turkish intervention but if Assad gains ground the majority would prefer a return to Daesh rule.Three weeks ago President Trump announced the withdrawal of US troops from North East …

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Why are Iraqis protesting?

In recent weeks, Iraq has witnessed widespread anti-government protests, representing the deadliest unrest in the country since its liberation from Daesh in 2017. More than a year after popular frustration with a deteriorating economic situation, endemic state corruption …

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PDAs: Remote Technology in Remote Regions

Conducting research in developing countries brings with it a unique set of challenges. Online or telephone methods of data collection are unfeasible among populations for whom this technology has almost no penetration. Thus, in the past, in developing, …

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Using GIS Mapping in Aid Evaluation

Background Development aid is a salient topic throughout the Western world. People recognize the importance of international aid programs but many have called for greater accountability of spending and demonstration of the impact that their money has made. …

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Researching Attitudes Towards Politics in a Self-Declared State

Somaliland is a self-declared state with international recognition as an autonomous region of Somalia. As the Somaliland Local Government Elections scheduled for November 2012 approached, insight into the views and attitudes of Somalilanders was of more interest than …

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