Our latest data from 2,095 adults across the UK shows:-

  • It’s been a bad week for the Government; for the first time since polling started March 18th, a majority (54%) now disapprove of the way in which the government is handling the crisis.  There has also been a sharp increase in those saying the worse is yet to come (28% up from 19%).
  • Commentary about the lack of clarity in the message has also caused a sharp increase in those believing the virus is NOT UNDER CONTROL – up from 64% to 74%.
  • Yet support remains for the strategy (if not the message) – just 9% say that the measures taken so far to prevent the spread have gone too far, just 15% want the restrictions placed on bars, restaurants and cinemas lifted over the next few weeks. Just 14% feel that gathering with friends and family outside their household is no longer a risk to their health.
  • A majority (52%) would not feel safe returning to work if they were asked to do so – just under one in three (29%) saying they would feel safe. Similarly 63% would not feel safe taking public transport if they had to, 30% would feel safe.

Fieldwork was carried out online amongst a nationally representative sample of 2,095 adults aged 18+ living in the UK between 13th – 14th May.

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