Our latest data from 2,082 adults across the UK shows:-

  • In the week that the PM returned to work (albeit distracted by the birth of his son) there has been a slight increase in the way in which the Government is perceived to be handling the crisis – up from 52% to 55% approval.
  • Although we continue to see a decline in those who think the worst is yet to come with COVID 19 (18%, down from 22%), the public still is no more convinced that the spread of the virus is under control here – 67% (up from 64%) feel that it is not.
  • One proposal this week was for all arrivals coming into UK airports having to quarantine.  This has received widespread support – 92% approving of the decision.
  • The debate in the last week has also focussed more on the end of lockdown and the need to fire the economy back up.   Here there is significant support for less speed and more caution.   Only 16% want the government to move quicker to lift restrictions so the economy can fire up again, 75% would NOT want this to happen.
  • Much has been made throughout this crisis of the self employed.   If we look at those in the survey who fall into this category (n=165), they are more likely to think the Government is handing the pandemic well (60%) and, although slightly lower than the national figure, 68% do not want the Government to move quicker to lift restrictions.

Fieldwork was carried out online amongst a nationally representative sample of 2,082 adults aged 18+ living in the UK between 29th-30th April.

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