Our latest data from 2,103 adults across the UK shows:-

  • A decline in approval for the way in which the Govt has been handling the situation – down from 68% to 59%.  Biggest decline is among women (from 71% to 59%); has the sympathy vote worn off?  Those in Scotland and London show the greatest dissatisfaction.
  • Evidence to suggest the new reality has sunk in – survey reveals a sudden drop in those saying the situation will get worse (from 66% to 38%) with a matched increase in those saying the situation will remain the same – up from 29% to 51%.
  • NEW QUESTION this week asks whether we think the spread of the virus in the UK is ‘under control’ – less than one in five (17%) argue that it is, with 67% arguing the spread is not under control and 16% unsure.   By way of comparison last week from a poll of n=3900, 34% of Americans perceived it to be under control.  Once again significant differences by gender with women a lot more doubting.
  • NO change in those saying lockdown in their neighbourhood is largely being respected (85%) and only 1% change (34% from 33%) saying that someone in their household is struggling mentally with it.
  • Almost one in three (29%) however say not knowing about Government financial assistance beyond June is causing financial anxiety, a view increasing to 43% among those working in the private sector (vs 27% among those in the public sector).  It’s also a view shared most strongly in London (40%).

Fieldwork was carried out online amongst a nationally representative sample of 2,103 adults aged 18+ living in the UK between 15th-16th April.

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