Our latest data from 2,085 adults across the UK shows:-

  • There has been no shift in opinion towards the way in which the government is handling the crisis – 40% approve while 52% disapprove – the figures from last week standing at 42% and 50% respectively.
  • Furthermore, while 42% think the PM is showing leadership during the crisis, 45% think Keir Starmer is also showing leadership. This is a significant improvement for Labour compared to a  month ago (22-23 April). Then, just 22% felt that the opposition would have done a better job of handling the pandemic.
  • However, there continues to be a slow increase in those saying the pandemic is under control – now at 33% (up from 29% last week and doubled from 17% two weeks ago).
  • One in three (29%) would have driven 260 miles if they had felt the welfare of a child was at stake.  It increases to 41% among those with children under 5 years.
  • On the crucial topic of vaccines, we have consistently shown anywhere between 5 and 10% saying they would refuse a vaccine. But this week by including “one which was approved in record time” in the statement wording, this number increases to 14%. 84% think it is important for people to have a COVID vaccine, but only 57% think it would be safe. Here lies the narrative the anti-vaxxers will adopt.

Fieldwork was carried out online amongst a nationally representative sample of 2,085 adults aged 18+ living in the UK between 27th – 28th May.

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