Our latest data from 2,113 adults across the UK shows:-

  • Some of the increase in fear seen in last week’s poll has subsided; approval/disapproval for the Govt handling of the crisis has narrowed with 50% now disapproving (down from 54% last week) and 42% approving (up from 38%).
  • Last week also saw a very steep increase in those feeling the pandemic was not under control; we now see 56% (down from 74%) disagreeing that the spread of the virus is under control and an increase from 17% to 29% in those thinking it is under control. If these significant shifts are repeated next week then it could be argued that people’s minds and behaviour are shifting from panic/fear to planning how to get their life back on track.
  • Last week saw a lot of commentary about the lack of clarity in the message; yet 62% say that the Government’s guidance on social distancing is clear and easy to understand. Note however, that 89% in April had said the same previously about “stay home save lives protect the NHS”.
  • Significant unease still circles around a return to education in the coming month; 30% agree that children should be allowed to return to school but a majority (57%) disagree.   Indeed 61% of those with children living at home would not be prepared to allow their children to return to school next month. There is little difference in opinion by parents of primary or secondary education. It is Mums who need convincing more than Dads.
  • There was also much discussion around the impending summer holiday season – but in a blow to the industry just 10% right now say they are planning on a summer holiday – four in five (81%) have no plans right now.
  • On the subject of devolved power and phase two of lockdown, a majority (58%) think the Scottish Govt is right to take a different approach to COVID19 than the approach taken in England.   This number increases significantly to 82% of those living in Scotland. Indeed, when the entire country is asked about the four administrations and whether they should be allowed to take their own decisions to fight COVID-19, almost two in three (62%) agree that they should be allowed to take their own decisions.

Fieldwork was carried out online amongst a nationally representative sample of 2,113 adults aged 18+ living in the UK between 20th – 21st May.

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