Our latest data from 2,065 adults across the UK shows:

  • There is a slight decline in opinion of the way that the Government is handling the crisis (39% agree the Govt. was handling it well on June 24-25th, whereas the figure this week was 36%). Slightly fewer people also feel that it is under control currently (32% from June 24-25th vs 28% this week).
  • There is broad support for making masks compulsory. Only one in five (18%) oppose this, while more than half (54%) would support.
  • Likewise it seems that people want to see politicians and celebrities wearing masks – 80% have this view.
  • In terms of behaviours, there is little change from three weeks ago when we last ran the survey – the vast majority see taking a summer holiday (84%), going to the cinema (83%), or going to the pub (81%) as risky activities, while people saying that eating in a restaurant is risky has dropped by only 5% (82% on June 24-25th vs 77% this week). Again, it seems that people are more prepared to go to work (53%) than they are to take risks socially – not ideal for the hospitality industry.
  • Around one in seven (14%) would not want to be vaccinated should one be available. A similar proportion (13%) say they are unsure whether or not they would get vaccinated.

Fieldwork was carried out online amongst a nationally representative sample of 2,065 adults aged 18+ living in the UK between 15 – 16th July.

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