Our latest data from 2,090 adults across the UK shows:

  • There is no change is those agreeing that the UK Govt is handling the crisis well – 39% agree that they are while 53% think they are not. Approval has effectively flat lined since the middle of May. The country remains evenly divided on whether the PM is showing leadership – 45% argue that he is while 49% say he is not.
  • This week saw the announcement about a change to lockdown. But has it had any impact on perceptions that the spread of the virus is now under control? Those disagreeing that the spread is now under control has actually increased in the last week – from 48% to 55% now feeling it is not under control. News of infection rates at meat processing plants, figures from the US, Brazil, India etc. reinforce the global nature of the virus and are perhaps influencing opinion here.
  • This hesitation could well be a blow to retailers hoping for an immediate bounce; just 28% intend to go out for a pint/something to eat as soon as they can, while two in five (39%) also report that they have decided to postpone some major events (such as moving house, having a baby/getting married etc) because of the COVID restrictions in place. As you would expect men are significantly more likely to head out to eat/drink than women. Younger respondents also more likely than older: 47% of 18-24 year olds say they intend to go out, compared to just 18% of 55-64 year olds and 21% of 65+.
  • Fears of a second wave are no doubt in play – 85% say they are worried about a second wave hitting the UK hard.
  • We asked people how much of a risk to their health they felt certain activities posed. In a blow to the retail sector, the data shows that many require significant convincing before they are willing to head out. 44% seeing going for a pint as a “significant risk”, the same figure of 44% also see going to a cinema as equally risky. One in three (34%) consider a meal out a significant risk. More than one in two (53%) consider a summer holiday to be a significant risk. Compare this to the SEAN (Societal Experts Action Network)/Ipsos poll in the US (June 19-22) and the UK looks a little more cautious. 68% say dining at a restaurant is a moderate or large risk (82% in ORB UK poll), 58% say returning to normal place of employment similarly risky (56% for ORB UK), 62% for gatherings of friends/family outside the house (58% in ORB UK).

Fieldwork was carried out online amongst a nationally representative sample of 2,090 adults aged 18+ living in the UK between 24th – 25th June.

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