Our latest data from 2,104  adults across the UK shows:

  • There has been no change in perception this week to the way in which the Government is perceived to be handling the crisis – 52% feel they are not handling it well, 39% feel they are handling it well.
  • There has also been no change in the perception of the PM “showing leadership” – 42% feel he is, 50% that he is not. In a gift to the SNP cause, 72% of those questioned in Scotland disagree that the PM is showing leadership during this crisis.
  • This comes despite more people believing that “the spread of the virus is under control”. One in three (34%) feel it is, and for the first time since the question was asked in April a minority (48%) disagree with the statement. Concerns about the spread of the virus are greatest in N Ireland and Wales – where 57% and 58% respectively disagree that the virus is under control.
  • There is no change in belief that returning Britons and foreigners flying into UK airports should be forced to quarantine for two weeks – 72% agree, 17% disagree.
  • Following on from this, four in five (80%) agree that “it is important to control the Coronavirus even if it means damaging the economy”. In an ABC/Washington Post poll last week, 57% of Americans said trying to control the spread was preferable to the 37% who wanted to restart the economy.
  • Vaccine confidence remains steady at 88% (important for children to have) 82% (safe) and 84% (effective).

Fieldwork was carried out online amongst a nationally representative sample of 2,104 adults aged 18+ living in the UK between 17th – 18th June.

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