Our latest data from 2,088 adults across the UK shows:

  • A few days after the new rules were brought in, 70% still agree that returnees to the UK should quarantine upon arrival (down from 75% last week).
  • A majority (52%) continue to believe that the Government is handling the pandemic poorly, and there is no change in those believing the PM is showing leadership (44% think he is, up from 43%, while 48%, down from 52%, say he is not).  Interestingly though among those who work in the NHS 55% think he is showing leadership. However there is again an increase (from 26% to 29%) in those believing the virus in the UK is under control.
  • A majority (57%) approve of non essential shops opening next week – significantly higher among men than women.
  • Almost two in three (64%) support scrapping the plan to reopen all primary schools this academic year. This increases to 75% among those with primary school aged children.
  • Vaccine confidence (which we have tracked for 6 years in conjunction with the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine) is holding up well during the COVID crisis – 6% disagree that vaccines in general are important for children to have, 6% disagree that they are effective and 8% disagree that they are safe.

Fieldwork was carried out online amongst a nationally representative sample of 2,088 adults aged 18+ living in the UK between 10th – 11th June.

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