Data from n=2,114 interviews carried out online 9-10 September 2020


  • 11% accept that they are not practising social distancing rising to one in five (22%) 18-24yr olds.   A further one in five (21%) agree that gathering with friends and family outside their household is no longer a risk to their health, increasing to one in three of those aged 18-34 years
  • Yet only one in seven (15%) think the pandemic is under control.  This figure sat at 34% just two months ago.  And four in five (81%) are worried that a second wave of the Coronavirus will hit the UK hard.
  • With the recent rise in cases, 78% agree that they are washing their hands and following social distancing guidelines more closely.
  • Just one in three (33%) now think the UK Government is handling the crisis well.   This compares with a peak of 68% in April
  • One in seven (14%) would not take a COVID vaccine with 15% unsure.

Fieldwork was carried out online among a nationally representative sample of 2,114 adults aged 18+ living in the UK between 9th-10th September.

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