Our data just in from 2,085 nationally representative interviews carried out 25th – 26th March shows:-

  • Significant increase in approval for the way in which the Govt is handling COVID19 – up from 49% to 67% in one week. I’ve worked in polling for 27 years and can’t recall such jumps in the period of one week, rarely such high approval scores.
  • Fear still grips the nation – 81% (up from 78%) now fear themselves / family member will get it while the percentage of the population who think the virus threat is exaggerated has fallen significantly from 26% to 11%.   Like last week, 80% (from 82%) think the worst is still to come
  • Those who say they would sacrifice more human rights to beat this also increases significantly in a week from 72% to 86% (despite massive curbs on movement since the last poll)
  • Numbers saying they would be willing to be vaccinated up from 77% to 80%.   Only 5% saying they would not – with the others unsure.

Fieldwork was carried out online amongst a nationally representative sample of adults aged 18+.

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