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ORB: Monthly Brexit Tracker – May 2018 4 years ago

This month uncertainty grows over which is more important – control over immigration, or access to free trade with the EU.Agree: 45%(-1) Disagree: 40%(-1) Don’t know 15% (+2) Download the full tables here, and the charts here.Look back …

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ORB: Monthly Brexit Tracker – April 2018 4 years ago

Slight improvement in public view of negotiationsThis month’s ORB Brexit Tracker shows a slight positive upturn in public views of Brexit negotiations, although they still have not recovered fully from the negative impact of the 2017 general election. …

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ORB: Monthly Brexit Tracker - March 2018 4 years ago

Two thirds remain unimpressed by Government’s handling of Brexit Approval of Brexit negotiations 2nd-4th MarchThis month’s ORB Brexit Tracker shows little shift in public opinion as around two thirds (64%) continue to disapprove of the government’s approach to Brexit negotiations. …

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