October 2019 – British public remains unsure about negotiations process
  • There has been a sharp fall in those disagreeing that Boris has the right deal. More and more people are either unsure, or agreeing that he has the right deal.
  • There was a slight increase in the population approving of his position on the negotiations – up from 23% last month to 26%
  • However the government has really failed to convince the population that the country will be economically better off post Brexit (and certainly not convinced people they personally will be better-off)
  • And whereas in the months immediately post referendum we thought controlling immigration was more important than access to free trade, for almost 18 months now we are more concerned with access to free trade.

Full tables can be downloaded here – Brexit Tracker October 2019

Charts from these results can be downloaded here – Brexit Tracker October 2019

Results are from a nationally representative sample of 2,066 UK adults with fieldwork carried out online 4th-6th October 2019