Brexit Confidence Poll: 63% disapprove of the way the government is handling Brexit negotiations, continuing to fall from the November high of 66%. 

While two in three (63%) still disapprove of the way in which the Government is handling the Brexit negotiations, this is now the second month in a row where numbers have fallen marginally from a high of 66% in November 2017, suggesting that perhaps the Prime Minister has turned the corner following the harrowing general election in June.

However, there is still much work to be done to convince the British public that the Prime Minister is capable of getting the right deal for the UK. One in two (50%) now feel she is not capable of getting the right deal. This time one year ago that number was 35%. Younger male voters remain the most sceptical.

With economic uncertainty abound, the country remains evenly divided on whether Britain will be economically better off post Brexit – 43% agreeing, 42% disagreeing. The only thing that has remained constant across the tracker is the confidence that we will have more control over immigration post Brexit – 63% agreeing, 25% disagreeing.

However, with economic uncertainty there has also been a significant increase in those preferring access to free trade rather than an ability to control immigration – 47% prioritising access to free trade, 44% preferring controlled immigration.

Download the full tables here, and find last month’s tracker here.


N=2,023 interviews conducted among a representative sample of the UK adult population January 5-7th 2018. Questions have been asked over the first weekend of each month since November 2016. The statistical margin of error at the 95% confidence level is + 2.2%.