Approval of the Government’s handling of Brexit negotiations falls further in February 

Approval of Brexit negotiations 2nd-4th Feb

Nearly two thirds of Brits (65%) disapprove of the way the government is handling Brexit negotiations, this month’s ORB Brexit tracker has shown. This is the highest disapproval rating since ORB started tracking Brexit sentiment in November 2016.

When asked if they were confident that Theresa May will get the right deal, half of respondents (50%) say they do not think the Prime Minister will get the right deal for Britain.

Gender differences in support for Brexit

There is a consistent gender gap in support for the government’s handling of the Brexit negotiations, as shown in the last 12 months of ORB Brexit confidence polling.

Over the past year, women have displayed greater scepticism than men about the success of the Brexit negotiations, and in February 2018 only 28% of women approve of the way the Government is handling the Brexit negotiations, and only 37% of women think Britain will be economically better off after Brexit.

Women are more consistently concerned about the economy post Brexit, while men have remained more optimistic about upcoming changes once Britain leaves the European Union. However, it should be noted that confidence has fallen from both genders on this issue since February 2017.

Download the full tables here, and find last month’s tracker here.


N=2,058 interviews conducted among a representative sample of the UK adult population February 2nd-4th 2018. Questions have been asked over the first weekend of each month since November 2016. The statistical margin of error at the 95% confidence level is + 2.2%.