December 2019 – Brexit Tracker

While it is true to say that since he took over from Theresa May there has been a steady increase in the population feeling that he has got the right deal in the negotiations, it still remains that a majority (52%) feel he has not.

There has been an increase in the number of people agreeing that Britain will be economically better off post Brexit, 36% up from 32% this time last month. However, if Boris Johnson receives a mandate from the British people this week then he still has a lot to do to convince the population that Britain will be financially better off post Brexit – 44% still believe it will not. 

Full tables are available here – Brexit Tracker Tables December 2019
and charts are available here –  Brexit Tracker Dec 2019

Results are from a national representative sample of 2019 respondents,  conducted online between 6th to 8th December  2019.