COVID19 – UK Perceptions and Behaviours – Week 4 (8 April) 2 years ago

COVID19 – UK Perceptions and Behaviours – Week 4 (8 April)

Our latest data from 2,122 adults across the UK last night shows:-


  • A significant increase in approval for the way in which the Govt is handling the crisis.  68% is now back to where it was 2 weeks ago and demonstrates an increase in faith despite the Prime Minister being in intensive care.  Support is identical between those working in the public (67%) and private (68%) sectors. The increase among women went from 61% to 71% (vs. men now at 64%).  Even a majority (55%) of Scots approve of the UK Govt handling. The rural community in particular seem to approve (74%).

  • With this increase in support is a sharp decrease in the percentage who think ‘the worst is yet to come’ – falling from 79% to 66% in one week. Still only one in twenty (6%) think we are over the worst of it. There is no significant difference here by age.

  • 85% (down 2%) say that people in their neighbourhood are for the most part respecting the restrictions while 33% (down from 35%) say that someone in their household is struggling mentally with the current restrictions.

  • 44% (up 1%) say their household has seen a decrease in income.

  • When asked about the clarity of government advice on social distancing on overwhelming majority (89%) agree that advice is clear and easy to understand…..and this increases with age to 93% among those aged 65%+.

Fieldwork was carried out online amongst a nationally representative sample of 2,122 adults aged 18+ living in the UK on 8th April.

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