BREXIT TRACKER - September 2019 3 years ago

BREXIT TRACKER – September 2019

September 2019 – British public remains pessimistic about post-Brexit life. 

Approval of the way in which the government is handling Brexit has fallen sharply from last month – down from 30% to 23%.

At 23% it is still higher than anytime since January 2019, but in one month confidence in Boris Johnson’s Government’s handling of the negotiations has fallen significantly. 

A greater proportion of the UK continue to feel that Britain will be economically worse off (43%) than better off (35%) once we have left the EU while more than twice as many people think they’ll be financially worse off (49%) than better off (20%) post Brexit. 

Full tables can be downloaded here – ORB September Brexit Tables

Charts from these results can be downloaded here – Brexit Tracker September 2019

n = 2021. Fieldwork was conducted online 6th – 8th September. 

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