A new independent survey by ORB International provides an overview of Uber Eats delivery partners in the UK.

According to the survey:

  • Nine in ten (92%) delivery partners say they are “very/somewhat satisfied delivering with Uber Eats while 90% would “recommend delivering with Uber Eats to other people interested in being a courier”.
  • The majority of delivery partners either agree or strongly agree that Uber is a good company to work with (95%), and just 17% would prefer to be working with another delivery company.
  • 60% agree that their work/life balance has improved since partnering with Uber Eats, and 56% say their income has improved.
  • A key source of satisfaction for the delivery partners is the flexibility Uber Eats offers. An overwhelming majority (96%) of delivery partners say that “the flexibility offered attracted me to Uber Eats”. 73% agreed with the statement “Having the flexibility to choose my own hours is more important than having holiday pay and a guaranteed minimum wage”.
  • Prior to joining Uber Eats, many were employed in a different industry (34%), and more than one in five (22%) were already delivering for another company. Around 11% of respondents are current or recent students.
  • For most partners (39%), the number of hours are chosen based on how much money they want to make in any given day, week, or month. Only 12% say they deliver on the spur of the moment. 

The survey confirms some of the key trends identified in earlier studies. Delivery partners see similar benefits and satisfaction with Uber Eats as drivers see with Uber. The ability to adjust work around life – and not the other way around – is valued by Uber Eats delivery partners. This is further emphasised by the fact that delivery partners choose flexibility over more traditional benefits and a majority have seen their work/life balance improve.

For many delivery partners, the benefits of Uber Eats are not limited to flexibility and independence. They have also seen improvements in income. Delivery partners are able to plan how much they will work in a given time based on their financial needs.

Methodology and About ORB

Sample Size and Mode of Field Work:
ORB interviewed a representative sample of 500 delivery partners who use the Uber app throughout the UK  between during January 2018, via telephone.  Respondents were all currently driving with Uber.  ORB International is a founding member of the British Polling Council and abides by its rules.
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