ORB: Monthly Brexit Tracker (August 2017) 5 years ago

ORB: Monthly Brexit Tracker (August 2017)
Approval of Government’s Brexit Negotiations falls further this month.

This months Brexit tracker suggests the damage from a poor election result is continuing to cast doubt over Brexit.  Approval of the Governments handling of the negotiations has fallen again since last month.

61% of respondents said they disapprove of the way the Government is handling Brexit negotiations, up from 56% in July. 

35% of respondents said they are confident the Prime Minister will get the right deal for Britain. 

When asked whether they think Britain will be better off post Brexit, 40% agree and 37% disagree

Charts and tables can be downloaded from the links below, and Coverage in Reuters UK can be found here. 

ORB: Brexit Confidence August 2017
Data Tables August 2017

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