Party Leaders, 2nd-3rd May. Corbyn’s challenge continues.

Theresa May has significantly higher favourability than that any of the other candidates trying to get the keys to No10, ORB's new poll for The Independent shows.


  • Theresa May: 52
  • Jeremy Corbyn: 33
  • Tim Farron: 23
  • Paul Nuttall: 13
  • Nicola Sturgeon (Scotland only): 34

The problem for Jeremy Corbyn is that there is not one age, social class or region of the country where a majority of the people have a favourable view towards him. And perhaps most concerning will be the 35% of those who voted Labour at the last general election saying they are unfavourable towards their leader. However, Tony Blair’s favourability is now worse than Corbyn’s, suggesting his presence in this election may further damage Labour. Indeed 51% of those who voted Labour in 2015 argue that their plight would be even worse now if Tony Blair were the leader again.

Like the last Scottish independence vote Nicola Sturgeon evenly divides opinion in Scotland – 49% view her favourably, 50% unfavourably. She compares with 34% of Scots holding a favourable view of Theresa May, and 64% unfavourable.

ORB interviewed a total of 2013 adults online across the UK between 3 and 4th May. The statistical margin of error is 2.15 at the 95% confidence level.

Tables available here.

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