ORB Poll for the Independent: 24th-28th March

The result of the upcoming EU referendum remains too close to call...

Attitudes towards leaving the EU remain evenly split, with 51% of those surveyed saying they want to remain, and 49% saying they would like to leave. Despite this, a clear majority (81%) agree that the Terrorist attacks in Brussels highlight the need for EU nations to stand together against terrorism.

George Osborne’s chances of becoming the next Conservative Party leader appear to have been damaged as only 9% of respondents would prefer him to be leader after David Cameron, behind both Boris Johnson (38%) and Theresa May (16%). Among Conservative voters, the proportion is 14% for George Osborne, 42% for Boris Johnson, and 23% for Theresa May.

The survey results suggest this is a result of George Osborne’s recent budget, with 57% disagreeing that he is ‘doing a good job in managing the UK economy’ (28% agree). There appears to be little appetite for further reductions in welfare spending as 69% agree that they ‘oppose further cuts in welfare’.

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