ORB International with WIN/Gallup International : Global results on trust

Which countries are trusted the most? How 'real' is the special relationship? Our poll shows that Britain is less trusted than Japan, the US, Germany and Canada.

London, UK – A new poll from ORB International has revealed that the UK is considered less trustworthy than countries including the US, Canada, Germany and Japan. 

People in 47 countries across the world were asked in the poll who they considered to be the most trustworthy, resulting in Japan being regarded as the most trusted nation with the US and Germany rounding out the top three.

It is also interesting to note the difference in feeling towards the British and Americans internationally given how cohesive their foreign policies have been in recent times.  Americans still appear largely well trusted worldwide with 15.2% of respondents deeming them as most trustworthy, second only to Japan (16.5%). Conversely the British fare much worse with only 6.5% of respondents worldwide saying that they are the most trustworthy.

While Americans retain a sense of trust on an international perspective, this is not reflected closer to home. Only 0.8% of Canadians said that Americans were the most trustworthy country, contrasting with the 18% of Americans who responded that Canada were the most trustworthy. Other low response rates by Canadians were directed towards Italians (0.8%) and Russians (0.5%).

Respondents in the UK regarded themselves as being the most trustworthy (27.9%), followed by Canadians (13%), the Japanese (8.2%) and Germans (5.6%).  At the other end of the spectrum, the UK deemed the Italians to be least trustworthy (0.5%) followed by the French (0.7%) and Russians (0.8%).

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