Johnny Heald elected as Vice President of WIN/Gallup International

Zurich, June 10 2015 – Jean-Marc Léger, president of WIN/Gallup International is very proud to announce the election of its new Board Members, elected at the last Annual Conference in Dublin, Ireland. We are pleased to introduce:

Our Executive Vice-Presidents:

Laure Castelnau – IBOPE (Brazil)
Pascal Gaudin - BVA (France)
Vilma Scarpino - DOXA (Italy)
Richard Colwell - Red C (Ireland)

And our Vice-Presidents:

Andrey Milekhin - Romir (Russia)
Heiner Junker - Produkt+Markt (Germany)
Ijaz Gilani - Gallup Pakistan (Pakistan)
Johnny Heald – ORB International (UK)
Kancho Stoychev –Gallup International Bulgaria (Bulgaria)
Peter Kenny – Colmar Brunton (Australia)
Selim Saad - REACH (Lebanon)

WIN/Gallup International is made up of the 75 largest independent market research and polling firms in their respective countries with a combined revenue of over €500 million and covering 95% of the world’s market.

The WIN/Gallup International is the leading association in market research and polling and offers you the Best of Both Worlds: the highest quality at the most competitive price.

Non-confidential intelligence reports: