Do we lie to UK pollsters? Results show it varies by topic (and age)

London, UK - A third of people in the UK will not give truthful answers about themselves when asked questions by pollsters, according to a new survey from ORB International. However, in terms of political beliefs and buying habits, honesty is considered the best policy by most.

Research conducted amongst more than 2,000 people in the UK revealed that the topic people are most likely to be dishonest about is their personal lives where 67% of people said that they were likely to be truthful if asked a question on the subject.  Of those asked, adults over 65 were least likely to be truthful with only 55% saying they would answer honestly. In contrast, the survey found that people were most likely to be honest about their political opinions and their buying habits (both 91%).  

Results also revealed that although a relatively high proportion of respondents (82%) when asked about their personal financial situation were likely to tell the truth, those in the youngest category of 18-24 were the least likely to be honest by some distance with just 71% saying that they would likely be honest.  It is interesting to note that across all of the questions asked the youngest category were the least likely to be honest except when asked about their intimate lives; where in contrast, those over 65 were least likely to be honest.

A sizeable regional variation amongst people’s responses was also clearly evident.  Wales proved to be the most honest part of the country where 86% said that they would always tell the truth in a survey.  The West Midlands was the area where people are least likely to be honest with 75% saying they would always be honest.

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