Daily Telegraph Poll 8th - 12th June

With nine days to go before the UK’s crucial EU referendum vote, the latest ORB poll for the Daily Telegraph puts Remain marginally ahead, albeit with a reduced lead since last week.

Figures weighted for turnout in the referendum show that Remain sits on 49%, with Leave close behind on 45%. Undecided voters still make up around 6% of the population. When undecided voters are excluded this translates to a 52%/48% lead for Remain.

When only those certain to vote are analysed, Leave has taken the lead (by 49% to 48% - 3% undecided) for the first time since April. 

Other key findings include:

Nearly a quarter of voters (24 per cent) now believe that Brexit will win on June 23.

When asked which side “will create more jobs”, Remain comes out on top with 41 per cent to Leave’s 38 per cent, an increase of four points for Leave.

Asked which side “will improve the UK’s immigration system”, Leave has a clear lead with 55 per cent compared to Remain’s 19 per cent.

And when asked which campaign “will damage the NHS”, Leave  is now on 35 per cent compared to Remain on 37 per cent.

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