Daily Telegraph Poll 25th - 29th May

Our poll reveals that the remain camp lead has narrowed from 13 per cent last week to 5 per cent this week.

-Leave now has 46 per cent of the vote share, with Remain on 51 per cent. The five point gap has been cut from 13 points last week.

-Fifty two per cent of voters believe that quitting the EU would improve Britain’s immigration system, up two per cent on last week.

-Forty eight per cent agreed that quitting the EU would “give us greater control of our lives”, up 4 per cent, while those who thought remaining would be better fell 7 points to 30 per cent.

-Voters are split on whether the threat of terrorism will grow, with 35 per cebt of voters saying Remain exposes the UK to a greater risk of terrorism and 35 per cent of voters saying the same of the Leave campaign.

Fieldwork was conducted via telephone from the 25th to the 29th May.

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