Daily Telegraph Poll 20th-24th April

Wave 4 of our set of polls for the Daily Telegraph suggests that the UK is still more likely to vote to remain in the EU in June, with little change in the results from wave 3

-  51% of those surveyed would vote to remain in the EU, whereas 43% would vote to leave. 6% still don’t know how they will vote.

-  51% of definite voters will vote to remain, 46% would vote to leave, and 3% are undecided.

-  The voting pattern may be explained by the way the different campaigns are viewed. The remain camp is seen as the group which will to create a stronger UK economy (48% agreed), more likely to create more jobs (43%), and has a clear vision for the UK after the referendum (41%).

-  The leave camp meanwhile is seen as the group more likely to improve the UK’s immigration system (50%).

The poll was conducted between 20th – 24th April via telephone. The data has been weighted to be demographically and politically representative of Great Britain.

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ORB Poll EU 20-24 April

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